Bane Komerc introduces Greenhouse foil - 3 different types of three layer PE foil

In the era of increasing demand for tools that can greatly help in the field of environmental protection, they promote the quality of the final product.
PP fabrics serve many industries around the world because they provide the best solution for a strong, reliable and economical packaging. These fabrics are most suitable for packaging.
We produce plastic bottles of 2m, 4m, 6m and 8m width and 150 microns thick, in combination with UV + IR additives. UV stabilizer protects the film from external influences

Production program

Building foil

PVC foil, as it is called building foil, can be used for temporary or permanent coverage, often used as insulation.
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PP binder for baling - manila, raffia

It is used for baling straw bales in harvest, tying the stems of tomatoes, peppers, vines …
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Canvas for olive trees

Canvas for olives is mainly used for harvesting olives, almonds, peanuts and other walnuts.
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Polypropylene bags

Polypropylene dense woven bags for the packaging of wheat, wheat flour, corn, corn products
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Proven PE bags

Proven PE bags are used for packing carrots, beetroot, cucumber …
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Thin black foil

The basic application of agricultural film is the retention of moisture in the soil and the intensification of crop growth as well as the prevention of weed growth
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Thermosetting foil

Thermo foil is used because it is economically viable, easy to use, does not leak water, is environmentally safe, can be recycled.
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8000 tons of raw material per year

This sums up a figure of 8000 ton of raw material per year. We are always following the motto that the customer is right, and we are very focused on development, increasing quality control and satisfying most of our customers’ demands. We have all the health certificates that our product can be used in the packaging of human or animal material, which was issued by the Faculty of Technology in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Nis. We export to all Ex YU republics, countries of the European Union and Russia.

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