Construction foil

Construction foil – production

It is produced in a thickness of 150 microns and with a width of 2m, 4m, 6m, 8m

Building foil – description

Construction foil is most often made from reused raw material. Construction foil from r reused raw material is up to 20-40% cheaper than construction foil made of granules (original).
PVC foil, as it is called building foil, can be used for temporary or permanent covering, molars are used as a covering for furniture during painting, and in construction, besides covering, it is used for insulation.

Construction foil – purpose

In construction works during technological isolation, under the floors and substrates to prevent moisture, as well as insulation of the roof structure and temporary protection of the roof surfaces.
It is also used for the protection of construction joinery and machines from atmospheric influences, dirt
for thermal insulation and sound insulation. For temporary protection of roof surfaces, as well as facade protection, during finishing works, as well as covering and covering temporary movable work stands, building materials, etc …

Construction foil – available widths

  • 2m
  • 4m
  • 6m
  • 8m
NAME / Dimension Roll dimensions J.M. Transport package
Foil repaired SIVA 150 µm 4m x 80m = 320m2 kg 50kg
Foil repaired SIVA 120 µm 4m x 100m = 400m2 kg 50kg
Foil repaired SIVA 100 µm 4m x 125m = 500m2 kg 50kg
Construction black film - 150 µm 4m x 50m = 200m2 kg 31kg
Construction black film - 100 µm 4m x 50m = 200m2 kom 21kg
Construction transparent foil 150 µm 2m x 100m = 100m2 kom 31kg
Construction transparent foil 100 µm 2m x 100m = 100m2 kom 21 kg

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