PP binder for baling - manila, raffia

PP binder – application

It is used for baling straw bales in harvest, tying the stems of tomatoes, peppers, vines …

Standard types of twine are:

  • T-110 m/kg
  • T-150 m/kg
  • T-320 m/kg
  • T-500 m/kg
  • T-800 m/kg
  • T-1200 m/kg
  • T-1500 m/kg

wound on 1/2 kg do 5 kg.

PP binder – UV stabilizer

Our twine is standard with UV stabilizer in white or in other colors at the request of customers.

Our raffia is standardized with UV stabilizer in a pack of 1 kg, with or without fibrillaton, red color, 800 m / kg.

PP binder – Clips

The clips are made in various colors, from 400-500 gr, from types manila 800, 1200 and 1500 m / kg.

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