PP Woven fabric

PP Woven fabric – application

PP fabrics serve many industries around the world because they provide the best solution for a strong, reliable and economical packaging. These lightweight fabrics are most suitable for packaging bags suitable for industrial bags, finished products for complete production. They are made of quality polypropylene material and are known for their tensile strength, low stretching, dimensional stability and wear resistance. PP fabrics are very useful because they can be used for making sacks, Big-bag bags, as a blanket, bags for packing cereals and chemicals.

PP Canvas – packaging

How ever , fabrics are available in the form of rolls, so that they can be easily loaded on any machine for automatic cutting and sewing. We are leading and recognized names in the field of polypropylene fabric supply. This PP fabric helps to provide powerful, reliable and economical packaging for various industrial applications. These fabrics are light weight and are used for packaging

PP Canvas – Features

By applying them in various industrial areas, they are made from high-quality polypropylene materials and are recognizable by their:

  • tensile strength
  • stretching
  • dimensional stability
  • wear resistance

PP Canvas – Standards

Furthermore, this is also in strict accordance with the defined international quality standards. Some of the standard features include: Fabrics find the packaging application, scaffold protection and other end products Fabrics available in tubular and open options

We can produce PP woven fabric UV stabilized, color upon request

It can also offer fabrics with additives such as Color Masterbatch, U.V.

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