Silage three-layer black and white film

Silage – black and white – three-layer foil

When you buy silage foil, it is very important for you to:

the foil is made in 3 layers
foil works in widths of 4m, 6m, 8m, 10m, 12m
the foil works in a thickness of 140 microns.

Silage film – application

The very popular and sought-after silage film is intended for both hobby and professional users. It is a long-term and adequate solution for silage at a very affordable price. It contains a percentage of uv stabilization that protects the silage from overheating and enables a longer life of the foil.

Other features of this foil are:

The inner layer is intense black in order to protect the silage, while both outer layers are intense white in order to protect against overheating.

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Are you interested in the product?