Non-flammable foil

Non-flammable foil – environmental protection

In the era of increasing demands for resources that can help in the area of environmental protection, they promote the quality of the final product in agriculture, as well as prevention in the field of construction.

Non-flammable foil – application

This product is intended for the construction industry and is on the GSP list, and is free for import into the territory of America. It is used for temporary objects, for coating objects, as a barrier and in places where standard foil is not allowed.

Non-flammable foil – standard ACTME84-10

Fulfills US state standard ACTME84-10.
AMC United INC, Paterson NJ, which is engaged in the production of decorative stone, is already distributing this product that buys from our area.
Accordingly, as a company with many years of experience in the production of plastic products for the construction and agricultural industry, I am offering as potential supplier of these products.

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Are you interested in the product?